The Beginning – A Drink At A Bar In New York

Well, this can seem very much like just another one of those career planning and MBA admission consultant firms that are flooded on the internet. So, why did we even start this?

With trial and error, we arrive to where we are today; Looking back, I wish I can share with my younger self a few tips to accelerate the progression.

Back in early 2019, when both of us were away from home, Toronto, working on consulting engagements in New York, we met up for a drink after work. Like any good friends hanging out in a bar, we chatted and laugh on random topics ranging from the latest viral video on Reddit, to the newest hip coffee shop in Manhattan, and to our mutual friend’s seemly daily struggle with his newborn daughter.

Unintentionally, the conversation slowly moved to career planning and how our past choices has led us to where we were. Trust me, it was a long night with much talk and many pints of beer.

Among all the career choices we have made, there was one underlying theme that is consistent and impactful for us:

our career choice are often made entirely based on the information accessible to us at a given point in time.

A common mistake we had made in our early 20s is to follow the over-generalized “successful” career paths that are popular among our peers – since that was all the career choices we were aware of at that time. This idealistic success is deeply ingrained in our minds such that we fail to acknowledge our personal aspects (what are we really good at, what do we will want?) and fail to see other non-traditional opportunities in the field.

Throughout the years of interviewing new grads in my role, I often ask why do candidates apply for this particular job and why do they believe that this job can help them to move closer to their career or life goals. Often, their answer is vague or that the job seems to be on the “right” path or the “right” thing at the time to do because many others are doing it.

I am sure what I am describing is not surprising to many of you, as you have read a lot of similar content advocating on how to develop a personalized career plan. However, regardless of how much we research and plan, when we look to our past career decisions, we often wish someone was there to show us an alternative path to avoid the missteps.

Back to that night – as the night goes, we continue to discuss different aspects of our experiences. We shared our career choices, mentorship experiences, and laughed at the mistakes we have made along the way. It was clear at that moment, that we want to explore what we can do to help others.

With our professional experiences and interests in making a difference, we decided to start this journey with the sole purpose of helping you to make a better career plan that includes both professional development and educational advancement.