How We Do This

Imagine that you are in the driver’s seat, not sure where to go next. We will be the person sitting next to you, directing you where to go and how to go about it step by step.

We are your personal and no-nonsense advisors getting you to your next destination, whether that is a top MBA program, or bootstrapping your career.

MBA Admission

We want to be as flexible and customized as you want it to be. You are the driver of your success, and we will pass you that alley-oop.

  • Profile Assessment Free Consultation – We will look at where you currently stand, think about how your application strategy, and how we can help you.
  • Comprehensive Service$2500 – per school, covers all that you need for one application. We start with a profile evaluation questionnaire, and we will exchange emails or phone calls to dig deeper on how we can craft your story. Unlimited support for the following:
    • Resume Review
    • Essay Brainstorming & Review
    • Recommendation Letters Strategy & Support
  • Individualized Service – if this is not your first business school application and you just want to check some parts of your applications:
    • Essay Review $150 – one-time review of an essay
    • Resume Review$200 – one-time review of a resume
    • Last Minute Review $700 – one-time review of one complete application package. We will compile a report listing out the strengths and weaknesses of your application, along with advices on how you can improve it.
    • Customized Service$150 per hour – you name it, we can help you with recommendation strategy, ding analysis, mock interviews etc.

Career Planning and Job Application

To create a personalized actionable plan, we provide three types of career planning services that focus on addressing the specific needs at different stages of your career planning.

  • Early Career PlanningFree Consultation – If you are looking for your first internship, or you are at least one year away from graduation, it is important to truly recognize your strength and weakness for better planning. As such, we provide an assessment to help you to identify and highlight your key differentiators.
  • New Grad Comprehensive Services$1500 – per application. If you are actively pursuing a job, we can work together to develop your brand and strategy. The services cover all you need for one job application, but you can take the knowledge and apply to other applications:
    • Profile Assessment & Application Strategy
    • Resume & LinkedIn Profile Review
    • Cover Letter
    • Mock Interview
    • Salary Negotiation Strategy
  • Individualized Service – We get it, you only wish to focus on a certain aspect of your job pursuit. These individualized services work better if your overall profile is well-articulated and you only need an expert to do a one last check.
    • Resume & LinkedIn Profile Review$250 – for a one-time review including a 30-min video conference discussion.
    • Cover Letter$200 – for one-time review including a 30-min video conference discussion.
    • LinkedIn and Networking Strategy$150 – for one video conference discussion session.
    • Mock Interview$250 – for a 1.5 hour session including a video conference discussion.
    • Salary Negotiation Strategy$150 – for one video conference session.